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Buy 3-MMC Online

Buy 3-MMC Online

Buy 3-MMC Online


Buy 3-MMC Online. 3-MMC properties connected with human usage and this field requires further 3-MMC studies. effects include empathogen and entactogen.


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Buy 3-MMC Online

Buy 3-MMC Online: 3-MMC or 3-methylmethcatinone is a class of substituted kathinone molecules. Catinones are a subset of amphetamine, which share parts of the amino acid-linked (NH2) -based amine chain amine (NH2) across the ethyl chain and another methyl substitution in Ra. 3-MMC is sold for research purposes only and may not be used for any other purpose, including in vivo diagnostics.

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The 3-MMC and other catinones are differentiated by their ketone substitution on the beta-carbon of the amphetamine skeleton, which means that they are beta-keto-amphetamines. 3-MMC has two methyl substitutions on its cationic backbone, one in the R 3 ring of the phenyl ring and the other in the nitrogen group RN. 3-MMC is analogous to mephedrone; is the same structure that is expected to place the methyl group in R3 instead of R4. Buy 3-MMC Online

3-Methylmethcatinone, also known as 3-MMC and 3-mephedrone, is a designer drug of a substituted group of catinones with the effects of Empathogen-entactogen. 3-MMC is closely related to the structure of the popular illegal drug mephedrone (4-MMC) and is illegal in most countries that have banned 3-mephedrone as the structural isomer of 4-mephedrone. However, the 3-MMC still appears on the “legal high” market as an alternative to mephedrone and was first sold in Sweden.

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With a structure closely linked to mephedrone, the 3-MMC is a stimulant of the Cathinone class and as such banned in the UK. It is therefore important that you check your country’s legislation regarding 3-MMC (3-methylmethcatinone) before you order. It is available in the purity of 99% +, which is one of the best quality products currently on the market and suitable as a replacement for mephedrone for similar research purposes. 3-MMC is sold in the form of crystals and pellets and is not intended for human consumption.



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